Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Child Family Top 10

1: We still live in our little house in Clinton, UT, with Hampton, our cat. 2: We were blessed with 2 new nieces on the Child side. We are now the Uncle & Aunt of 12 wonderful kiddos! 3: Rachel was able to cross an item off her bucket list by visiting New York City, where a friend lives. Caleb did not want to go. Something about too many people... 4: Caleb got 1 year closer to graduating with his Bachelor's degree in supply chain management. 5: Rachel, in a fit of the crazies, decided to go back to school. She is working on a Masters in Business, to graduate in 2015. 6: We both played softball on a co-ed team. It is fun to see Caleb come alive at athletic events. 7: Caleb built us a beautiful awning over the back porch of our yard. He does such great work. We are so blessed by is craftsmanship. 8: Rachel had the opportunity to play Miss Hannigan in the community musical "Annie." She is slightly ashamed to admit that she's a bit more like Miss Hannigan than she would have originally thought. (see picture at the top right) 9: We had a lovely visit from friends from Caleb's mission around Thanksgiving. It is always fun to show people around Utah! 10: This year we have been through 2 surgeries, 49 college credits, trotting around North America (NYC, Canada, Moab, St. George, Arizona), hours of rehearsal, church obligations and just general life mayhem, but after all of the madness, we still like each other! We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Much Love~ Caleb & Rachel & Hampton


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